Professional Blocks

Everything You Need To Build Your Business Website

Build your business website using the Extendgrid blocks system. Built on the Gutenberg editor, the block system gives the freedom to build almost any website your business needs whilst remaining easy to use. Build your website using drag and drop tools to simply place the blocks where you need them. With dozens of blocks available and more in development, Extendgrid is the perfect tool to build your business website.

Layout Elements


Separate your website content into different sections with custom background colours and images.


Organise and layout your website content with easy to use, resizable columns.


Space out your content with an adjustable spacer.


A range of button style and link options allow you to easily add and customise your buttons.

Page Break

Separate your content for a multi-page experience.

Media & Text

Set media and content side-by-side for a richer layout and user experience.



Write and display custom code snippets.


Use the classic WordPress editor to display code, images and content.

Custom HTML

Write custom HTML code and preview it as you add it to your website.


Use visual emphasis to pull a quote from your text.


Insert a table into your website using the table block. Perfect for inserting data.

Text Formatting

Advanced text formatting allows you to modify all aspects of your content, from colour to style.



Embed a youtube video into your website using the video url.

Social Media

Display content directly from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or more into your website.


Embed Spotify content directly into your website and web pages.